R610, R620 and R630 are stunning in their build and sound quality. Hand built in California. Extraordinary musicality and lasting value. Pricing will pleasantly surprise. Read the reviews and exceptional value awards! Truly special loudspeakers.

The Kiseki Blue and The PurpleHeart are two of the finest cartridges in existance. Providing the finest analog sound and real value. If you are serious about vinyl, get to know Kiseki. The Purple heart is installed on SME Model 15 for your audition.

Esperanto Audio digital signal cabling.  The new "Black" is here now. Highly recommended between servers and DAC's. Supreme musicality and resolution. The list of industry insiders currently using this cable are incredible.

Bricasti Design builds real reference products.

The M1 SE DAC with the M28 mono block amplifiers form a fully balanced differential signal from input to loudspeaker. ​ Extraordinarily transparent and true

to source.

Plymouth, MN


SME builds heirloom level turntables with a classic beauty all their own. SME has a rich history of creating the finest in reference analog playback systems.

"...this is the worlds best deck below $10K"

                                                                  -HiFi News on the new Model 15

​​Amazing  in their effect on any quality component. By lowering the noise floor, your  music simply breathes. Reference Audio proudly provides every model  including the Stillpoints Aperture Acoustic Panel. All in stock and available for audition.

Beautifully made, ultra solid loudspeaker supports. Providing a non-resonant support structure. Available in a variety of heights to perfectly match your loudspeaker of choice. 

The Absolute Sound Editors Choice and AC Power Cable of the Year.  Known for offering  the finest power conditioning and signal cables. New Venom Series, full Anaconda and Sigma HC system here for audition. 

Handcrafted in the USA. The Corvus interconnect and speaker cable are available for audition along with the Ultimate USB cable. Stunning sound and build quality. Utter silence between notes. The quietest cable available. Noise rejection is superb.

Purity of sound and the ultimate in convenience.

The finest Digital Server available anywhere. Reference Audio proudly offers the BDP-1USB, BDP-2 and BOT-1.  Control it all conveniently from your iPad.​STEREOPHILE CLASS A+

Ortofon phono cartridges concentrate not only on providing the best sound, but more importantly the faithful and correct representation of the recorded sound. Entire MM and MC line available.

From the mind of renowned engineer Peter Madnick,

comes the completely reinvented Audio Alchemy.  

Beautiful casework, gorgeous sound at real world prices. Extraordinarily well reviewed. The DDP-1 

PS-5, DPA-1 and PPA-1 are here for your audition.

Custom Hardwood Component Racks + isolation Platforms. Beautifully handcrafted audio furniture.
Exotic and standard Hardwoods options available in virtually any design. Gorgeous in every way.

Black Walnut and Cherry on display.