Plymouth, MN

Demo in your space

Located in Plymouth, Minnesota near Wayzata High School and Providence Academy.

We provide a comfortable listening space available by appointment seven days a week. Like many, we've found that you will only fully realize what a component brings

to your system when it's enjoyed in your unique acoustic environment.

For that reason, we provide free component loaners with no obligation - It's that simple.


If researching your first real stereo system 

or building your ultimate dream system, we're here to help. 

Come for a visit.  We have a relaxed, no rush atmosphere, and love this

stuff as much as you do!  

Our partners are carefully chosen.

We know you will find they are truly the finest available. 

​​Magico Loudspeakers

S1 Mk2 Two Way 

S5 Mk2 Coming soon

Ryan Speakers

R610 Two Way Stand mount

R630 Full Range Floor Stander

Bricasti Design

M1 DAC Special Edition

M28 Mono Block Power Amplifier

SME Turntables

Model 15 Turntable

309 SPD Tonearm

Kiseki Cartridges

PurpleHeart NS MC

Blue NS MC

Bryston Limited

​BDP-1USB Digital Player/Server

BDP-2 Digital Player/Server

BOT-1 Optical Drive/CD Reader

Shunyata Research

Sigma HC Power Cables

Anaconda Speaker Cable

Anaconda Interconnect 

Anaconda AES/EBU Digital interconnect

Venom Defender

Venom Series Signal cables (RCA and XLR)

Venom Series Speaker Cables (Banana and Spade)

​Venom Digital Power Cable

Massif Audio Design

Black Walnut Four Shelf Component Rack

Black Walnut Amp Stands

​Black Walnut Cable Risers

Cherry Three Shelf Component Rack

Audio Alchemy

DDP-1 Preamp/DAC/Headphone Amp

PS-5  Power Supply for DDP-1 and PPA-1

DPA-1 Stereo Power Amplifier

​PPA-1 Phono Stage

Ortofon Phono Cartridges

MC Windfeld

MC Quintet Mono

2M Black

​Many more typically on hand...

Purist Audio Design

​Corvus Luminist Revision Interconnect

Corvus Speaker Cables Banana and Spade

Ultimate USB Cable


The entire product line including new Ultra 6, all Bases, Spikes and ERS Cloth.

Aperture Panels - Acoustic Treatment